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Born Capucine Cantrell to the parents Alma and Dorsey Cantrell, Coppe Cantrell was number six of eleven siblings. At six months old, her father nicknamed her Coppe because her hair looked like a shiny copper penny. She attended John Muir High School in Pasadena, California. Coppe later went to college and completed all but four classes when she became pregnant with her first child. She tried to finish while taking her son, Niamyja, to school with her, but it became very tedious, so she made the choice of raising her son her top priority. Later, she met her husband-to-be, Johnny Jackson, known by many as Johnny “J” in the music entertainment industry. Smitten by Jackson, and after just six months of courtship the two were married.

They developed a romantic and business relationship as they formed KLOCK WORK. Johnny “J” produced artists such as 2Pac and various others, while Capucine stayed behind the scenes most times, and kept their company going.

She had a few small parts on records for 2Pac, Coolio (Gangsta Paradise) and Big Syke, and she toured as a dancer and road manager for Johnny “J”‘s solo debut, I Got to Be Me. She was also the leading lady in his music video, Get Away from Me. After 17 years of marriage, to the legendary producer, Johnny “J”, On October 3, 2008, her world came crashing down. Johnny “J” had passed away while in jail for a six-month sentence stemming from DUI charges.

Capucine was devasted by her husband’s untimely death, it took everything within her to hold things together. Ironically, during her husband’s jail sentence, Capucine went back to school to complete those college classes that were not completed. It was there that after her husband had passed one of her college professors re-introduced the Bible to her. Through constant prayer, reading the Bible, and now her strong belief in God, and Jesus Christ. Capucine was able to get her life back on track. On July 1, 2009, God woke her up out of a sound sleep at 3am and gave her the gift of song. Capucine started singing words of praise. Before she realized what was happening, the Spirit had given her words upon words. She had written a few songs with 3 hours. In the midst of her many trial and tribulations the lord has always had another plan for Capucine. He saw her heart and passion for music, and blessed her with the gift to sing, when she previously was toned death and could not. Going by the name Cope Cantrell, she can now say this is a new beginning of ministry, in the form of a Gospel recording artist. Her debut album titled “God’s Project (Book I) attributed to God’s work on her life.

The first single of the release “Holy Groove”, which will have the fans doing just that. Her new single “Ture Riches” and “Dance in The Dark, gives you insight to what her life has been about and the battles from being in the dark and coming into the light. Her testimony is a testament to God’s promise to all of us.

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